Wireless Services Network Design

In a network design, ReMarc radio frequency (RF) technicians take measurements and readings of your facility using a sophisticated software application to determine optimal location placements for access points.

With the right amount of access points in the right places, your wireless connection should be at its strongest.  Several factors may impact a wireless network’s coverage such as walls, poles, temperature or metals.  Our RF technicians know how to work around the obstacles and place your access points in the best locations. Every facility is different which is what makes the initial network design so important.

Deployment Services

Have your devices configured and ready to work as soon they arrive. ReMarc will set up and pre-configure all of your handhelds, printers, barcode readers and wireless equipment for a faster installation process to make the installation process faster and simpler. Have all of your equipment arrive ready to use and eliminate time spent looking through manuals or finding and installing the right software to get up and running. When units are received by the customer they are completely configured and ready to use right out of the box.

Installation & Training Services

With installation and training services, you can make sure your system is installed right from the start and limit the learning curve for your staff. Our technicians have years of experience installing systems and then training employees.

ReMarc will install your printer, wireless devices, and software and make sure everything is working properly together.  We will train your staff on your new products and software and make sure they know how everything in your system works.  Once your employees are properly trained, your workflow will be as efficient as possible.

Barcode, Label & Tag Printers

We have a complete line of printers ranging from Intermec, Zebra, Honeywell and many more. ReMarc can assist you with all of your barcode printing needs. We also provide the appropriate software applications, labels, ribbons, media and supplies along with instruction and even repair services. ReMarc is a Zebra authorize repair service provider as well as an Intermec Printer Service Partner for all of your onsite, printer service and barcode printer repairs.

Mobile Devices Designed for Business

Capture and exchange business-critical information with mobile computers designed for your work environment. ReMarc offers a wide range of handheld mobile computers, wireless scanners, and iPads for barcode scanning and image capture as well as wireless networking capabilities. Mobile computers increase productivity and provide ongoing, real-time insights into business operations. Use durable mobile devices to track inventory more efficiently and accurately, manage assembly line production more effectively, improve shipment accuracy and speed product returns—even in harsh, dirty or extreme environments.

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